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Facebook In A Falling Trend

Facebook, Inc. (FB) trades today at $112.39 per share. This represents a decline of $1.32 or 1.19% from the previous close of $113.64. The current trading volume stands at 11,649,470, while the daily average is at 35,390,800.

However, there are several hours left from the U.S. trading session and the present trading volume most certainly will change. The social network provider just introduced a new tool that is expected to make it easier for publishers, video creators, and influencers to generate revenues from branded content.

Branded content is the sort of advertising that sees brands pay for placement or a mention in the natural style of a post, image, or video. A beauty brand might pay YouTube star Zoella to give herself a makeover using their products in her next video, for example.

Facebook is the sixth-largest U.S. company and the fastest ever to reach $250 billion in value. Yet however Facebook Inc. isn’t in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

In reality, at $323 billion, the social giant is in fact bigger than 27 of the 30 Dow members and, aside from Alphabet Inc. and Berkshire Hathaway Inc., the biggest omission.


The US FOMC minutes showed difference in opinions in relation to the monetary policy rate.

The unemployment rate in Canada decreased for the last month contrary to expectations. According to the report prepared by Statistics Canada, the rate (seasonally adjusted) was 7.1% compared with 7.3% in the previous month. The experts expected the index to maintain at 7.3%.


The minutes of the last meeting of the ECB showed that there was considered a more significant reduction in the rate.

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, admitted that he has a share in his father’s offshore fund. The reaction comes after the Panama Papers leak that discovered many offshore accounts of influent persons.

Eurozone – the March PMI composite was 53.1 against 53.7.

Eurozone – February level of unemployment was 10.3% against 10.4%, which is a 5-year low. The lowest level is in Germany at around 4.3%.

Greece and creditors got back to the negotiating table this week. There will be discussed the progress in the fiscal policies and reforms.

The latest survey by the newspaper «Opinium for the Observer» showed that 43% of Britons support the Brexit. This is 4% higher than the previous results.


China – the March PMI index in the service sector by Caixin rose 52.2 against 51.2 in February.

The Reserve Bank of India lowered the rate for the fifth time since the beginning of 2015, to 6.5%.

The Reserve Bank of Australia left the rates unchanged, but was concerned about the strength of the Australian dollar.

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