Should I sell my shares?

I’m very new to sharetrading, and I’ve only bought in one company so far. However, I’m tight on money and selling the shares I currently hold may be the only way I’ll be able to afford my rent in about 6 weeks time.

I’m not so much asking advice on the share itself, but rather how to proceed given my situation. I bought around 3 months ago – the share itself isn’t doing brilliantly, and I’d be taking a 15-20% loss if I was to sell now. Still, I think over a longer period of time (18 months or so) I’d see a fairly good profit.

At the time I could comfortably afford to buy, but things happened and the situation isn’t so any more. Is it worth seeing if I can borrow a £200-300 for a few weeks until my rent is cleared? I get paid not long after that so I’d have money again.

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