W.D. Gann’s Private Ephemeris 1941-1950

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I have this link from a friend, my desire is to share with everyone together to get it. Let me experience the thrill of this book.

W.D. Gann’s Private Ephemeris 1941-1950 (SHARING)


Perhaps the most important part of W.D. Gann’s tools is his Ephemeris. Never before has this book been in the public domain. In fact, for several years, this publication was deemed to be “missing” and was only rediscovered in 1997 when it was returned to its rightful owners. Since then it has been religiously guarded under lock and key in the vault with only less than a handful of people having had access to it.

For the first time ever and in strictly limited numbers we are privileged to make this publication available to members of our Inner Circle.

Within the book many clues to Mr. Gann’s methodology can be found. The publication has copious annotations, notes and ink markings in various colors-all of which combine to give us an insight into the genius of this great man. Most significantly he demonstrates one of his major timing techniques for prediction. This pinpoints turning points during the course of the Second World War. Other notes refer to events in his life including the date he was elected to the CBOT.

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